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Material control
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The perfect quality of toner come from complex factors, Beijing
Orientsun continuously invests on manufacturing equipment,
stable material source, technology research and development.
Machinery control  
Beijing Orientsun are adopting the most advancedcompounding,
grinding, classifying equipment, wholeproduction line automatically
controlled, minimize process variation. particle composite by
mechanical sphericalisation and fine particles various functionalisation
can be achieved.
Material control  
Toner materials such as polymers, iron oxide, carbon, charge control
agents etc. are the key to a perfect toner, all of our materials are from
leading multinational companies or domestic companies in this
material field, some photoelectricity material are cooperated developed
according to our special application and all coming with their qualified
analysis report, recording all their detailed lots number and using
Process quality cotntrol  
1. Spot check to every process.

2. Using professional detecting appliances such as Powder Charge
Measuring Apparatus, Particle Size Analyzer, Electronic Microscope,
Color Densitometer, SpectroDensitometer etc. to test the charge of
toner powder, intenerated point, flowability, particles size and shape,
compare groups of operation fine particle parameters with Original
toner testing data, taken strict quality measures to ensure that quality
remains consistent.

3. Designed special testing software connect with testing machines,
perform routine testing on machines every 100kgs, analyzing its image
density, coverage, copy yield, fixing level and setting different humidity
condition to value its general print quality。Keep sample enclosed with
testing reports for record. Each testing strictly applying Original toner

4. Every packing printed our product lots number for tracking purpose.

Service control  
We dedicatedly follow up toner feedbacks
with our customers, investigate customer
satisfaction, exchange market requirements
can adjust our product according to
customer’s request, together open
up more market share.


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